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Our panel of Architecture and Design experts answer the most pressing questions our industries have regarding the impact post Covid-19 will have on commercial, retail and industrial real estate.

What should tenants be thinking about in their workplace presently and in anticipation of re-entering the office? How might landlords change their marketing and dialogue to attract and retain workplace, retail, and industrial tenants?

  • Additional topics to be discussed –
    Furniture solutions
    Migration patterns in suburban vs urban office
    Advice for tenants, landlords and brokers
Panel of experts include –   
Suzette Subance                            Shay Lam                                       Al Thompson
Managing Executive                    Managing Executive               Managing Executive
TPG Architecture                         TPG Architecture                     TPG Architecture
Jenny-Lynn Georgiades            Abigail Finch
Team Leader                                    Regional Sales Manager
Waldner’s                                          Steelcase
Moderated by Tim Mok, Director of Strategy, TPG Architecture