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CIBS' EDAC Committee

In 2019, CIBS formed an Economic Development Advocacy Committee (EDAC). Through EDAC, our members are able to “stand together” in our towns and villages as a group of over 350 unified citizens. The committee’s purpose is to promote intelligent development projects and public initiatives which are carefully scrutinized and selected because their success is imperative to Long Island’s future. It’s important to recognize that CIBS’ interest does not lie with any individual member’s stake in the success of a project. Instead, we collectively benefit as members of the greater Long Island community, by keeping our young talented workforce in place, by creating jobs, and by protecting the vitality of our economy.  “Who better to help determine the viability of projects and initiatives that make sense and to stand up for them, then a group of over 350 commercial real estate experts?”

Recent Projects

  • Nassau Hub Land Lease Amendment – Nassau County : John Magnani
  • Milleridge Inn Hotel Project – Town of Oyster Bay : Eric Launer
  • Orchard District TOD Overlay – Glen Cove : Michael Rosenfeld
  • Seritage Growth/Heritage Village – Town of Oyster Bay: Doug Furer
  • Long Beach Super Block Development – Engel Burman: Paul Fetscher
  • 65 Daly Road/55+ Community Up-Zoning – Engel Burman: Dan Wiener
  • Westbury TOD multi-family & mixed use rezoning – Village of Westbury: Doug Omstrom


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