By Gary Joel Schacker, SIOR – United Realty
CIBS Board Member 2018, CIBS Past President 2013-2014

Just a little while ago my heart rate was 55 BPM, now its 81 BPM. Well, that phone call didn’t go that well.  Yesterday I only had 1,000 steps recorded. Why are you sitting around in the office? Then the watch was telling me it was time to stand. The day before I had 7,000 steps. Now that was a good day, I showed a lot of space. While I was out I passed by a building I was not sure about, I checked CoStar on the watch and got the information. I contacted the owner and was able to make an appointment. Since I was driving I voice commanded it into my calendar. I almost forgot about it, but my watch reminded me since I had set up an alert.

I was in a meeting but was waiting for an important e-mail. I did not want to be pulling out my phone and checking it, but I was able to clandestinely scroll on my watch. When it came, I excused myself and went into the hallway to respond. I had to make a call shortly after that, so I set a silent alarm to remind me, then I excused myself again later to make the call.

I was getting ready to leave for an appointment but wasn’t sure how much fuel I had. I called up my Volvo app on the watch and saw I only had a quarter tank. Not enough, so I allocated some extra time to fill up.

I had to take a train into the city, so I wanted to make sure there were no subway delays, I have an app for that. On the way I pulled out my Bluetooth Bose headphones and played some music off my watch playlists.

The next day I went for a mountain bike ride. I opened the Strava App on my watch, so I could check up on myself while I was riding. While on a decent I got a phone call from an important client and was able to answer the call and resolve an issue without crashing into a tree; although, I think the client was wondering about my heavy breathing. My heart rate was up again, but this time is was a good thing.

Oh, and I can also tell what time it is!