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Mineola, NY 11554

Firm Overview

Combined Resources Consulting & Design, Inc. is located at 155 First Street, Mineola, NY. CRCD is an award-winning firm established 15 years ago by Principal Salvatore A. Ferrara, RA. CRCD is staffed by experienced professionals for the administration and control of the many complex and specialized services. Within our structure is an interdisciplinary group of licensed architects, interior designers, planners, estimators, contract administration, and construction management supervisory personnel with extensive experience in their respective fields. We have developed a substantial repertoire of projects including rehabilitation and renovation of existing facilities as well as new facilities design, development studies, and master planning. Our projects have been far-ranging in size and concept. Through carefully developed programs tailored to the specific requirements of each client, CRCD provides the full spectrum of professional services required for the successful design of any facilities program including all phases of planning, architecture, and construction management. These comprehensive services are offered as total project development. Cost control is maintained at every phase of work. We have complete in-house architectural and planning capabilities.

Project Team

The professionals on the Combined Resources Consulting & Design Team consist of the most experienced and qualified staff members of the firm. CRCD staff will provide planning and design services with innovative, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for educational facilities,
healthcare facilities, public and private facilities.

Our highly professional staff provides technical expertise coupled with a real-world understanding of scheduling, construction challenges, and other practical project-specific issues.

We also produce precise, complete construction documents that save our clients time and money. CRCD uses the latest CAD and industry-standard software for project designs which require detailed coordination with physically limiting project parameters, with a focus on designing accurately coordinated systems, which drastically reduces or eliminates costly conflicts during construction. The organizational structure of the The team is tailored to meet immediate mobilization with skills and specialized experience necessary to plan and design as needed.